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Gulf Association Track Meet Schedule - AAU, USATF

Houston area youth track and field meets.
This is a list of youth track and field events taking place within roughly 60 miles of downtown Houston. This list is provided as a courtesy only. We do not verify, endorse or provide any information other than that contained on the list.

Start Date End Date Meet Association
3/8/2014   Pearland Xpress AAU
3/15/2014   Top Flight AAU
3/15/2014   MY Stars USATF
3/26/2014   Houston Heat USATF
3/29/2014   Texas Stallions Relays AAU
4/5/2014   Southern Eagles AAU
4/5/2014   Afterburners USATF
4/12/2014   Vision AAU
4/12/2014   Tigers USATF
4/19/2014   Northside Striders AAU
4/19/2014   Texas Storm USATF
4/26/2014   Gulf Primary Championship - Jets AAU
4/26/2014   Port Arthur Flyers USATF
5/3/2014   Wharton Wave AAU
5/3/2014   Mainland Jaguars USATF
5/10/2014   Max Velocity AAU
5/10/2014   CL Stars USATF
5/16/2014 5/17/2014 Northwest Flyers USATF
5/17/2014   Bay Area Road Warriors AAU
5/24/2014   High Velocity AAU
5/30/2014 5/31/2014 Track Houston USATF
5/31/2014   Flying Dragon AAU
6/7/2014   Sonics  AAU
USATF Region 16 Championships USATF
6/14/2014   Running Ravens AAU
6/21/2014   Houston Pacesetters AAU
6/26/2014 6/29/2014 AREA 19 NATIONAL QUALIFIER AAU

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